Trees and plants can add beauty to any property. Additionally, there are also numerous other benefits, including shade and temperature regulation, fresher air quality, privacy, and utility. One potential problem, however, is that the roots of trees, bushes, and other plants can pose a threat to the structural integrity of your foundation and sewer line. Trees and plants that are located close to the home are the most obvious risks, but roots can often spread out over a surprisingly large area which means even trees located further from the building can become a problem. To resolve this issue, many customers opt for a root barrier that can protect their foundation and sewer line without requiring removal of any trees or plants.

Impending Problems
Problems caused by roots often go unnoticed simply because they are not always easily visible. Many property owners are shocked by the distance the root system of a large tree can cover. If there are any trees or plants growing close to your home, business, or sewer line, you may want to consider a root barrier to protect against future problems. While they may not have happened yet, that does not mean they will not occur in the future.

Preventative Care
Taking a proactive approach to the maintenance of your home or business property almost always leads to huge savings down the line. Customers who actively head off problems before they arise enjoy a more stress free experience. A root barrier can give you both peace of mind, and protection for your foundation and sewer line. 
Effective Solutions
Roots barriers are highly effective in preventing damage caused by root growth. When properly installed, a quality root barrier will successfully fend off virtually all foundation problems caused by invasive roots, including foundation damage, cracked concrete, and ruptured sewer lines. As a reputable and respected foundation contractor providing foundation repair services for the Round Rock area, we have helped many customers keep their foundation protected and maintained, maximizing the lifespan of residential and commercial foundations across the city. We offer effective and efficient solutions that meet the needs and budget of our customers. We know how much damage invasive root growth can cause to a property, and we know exactly how to prevent that kind of damage. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Comprehensive Foundation Services
From preventative maintenance to repairs, Round Rock Foundation Repair Experts does it all. We help customers in the local area address a wide range of foundation concerns and problems, which can often include foundation cracks, pier and beam damage, leaks, damaged sewer lines, settling problems, and house leveling. To learn more about the full list of services provided by the foundation specialists at Round Rock ​Foundation Repair Experts, please give us a call or fill in the convenient contact form provided on our website.