As a homeowner or business owner, there is nothing more frustrating and worrying than finding a leak. Leaks raise numerous questions about the source, potential damage, and costs. There are many considerations that take place when a leak is discovered, and most of them can lead to serious

 concerns about the structural integrity of the building and the expenditures that will be needed to repair the problem.  We can help to answer your questions and help you figure out why you have a leak.

Full Inspection
When you call Round Rock Foundation Repair Experts for our leak detection services, we will arrange a time for a foundation contractor to come take a look at your residential or commercial property at your convenience. Upon arrival, our foundation specialist will take a look at the problem area, as well as provide a full inspection of your property to ensure there are no other undiscovered problems waiting to surprise the customer. Once we have pinpointed the source of a foundation leak or sewer line leak using our state of the art equipment, we will begin going over possible solutions with you, and provide you with an accurate and honest estimate of the repairs that will be needed to resolve the issue.

Locating the Leak
It is not always obvious where a leak is coming from. Sometimes they appear to materialize out of nowhere with no visible sign of cracks or damage. In these cases, it is possible that the leak may be coming from somewhere hidden from view and not easily accessible. This makes it difficult for homeowners or business owners without the appropriate leak detection equipment to determine exactly how the water is entering. Our foundation specialists at Round Rock Foundation Repair Experts possess industry grade leak detection equipment that is able to quickly and accurately locate the source of any leak so that necessary repairs can be carried out.

Remediation Options
Finding where a leak is coming from is only the first step. It is usually safe to assume that customers will want the leak taken care of as soon as possible. Depending on the cause of the leak and where it is, there are a number of possible options to repair the problem. Our foundation experts clearly go over each available option with customers to ensure they understand what will take place and how the problem will be solved. By setting customer expectations and helping them to understand the process of what needs to be done, they can make a more confident decision about repairing the leak.

Residential and Commercial Foundation Services
In addition to leaks, a cracked or settling foundation or damaged sewer line can also cause a large number of other problems and inconveniences to residential and commercial property owners. Round Rock ​Foundation Repair Experts can assist with any foundation issues and concerns.

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